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About Stephen Knapp’s Books

The Books by

Stephen Knapp



The full details and contents of each book along with ordering information can be viewed at Stephen’s website at:


All books are available at www.amazon.com.

(1) The Secret Teachings of the Vedas, an in-depth introduction to the Vedic philosophy and the topmost spiritual knowledge available to humanity. 

(2) The Universal Path to Enlightenment, an analysis of the major world religions and the spiritual path most recommended for this age. 

(3) The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look into the Future, provides a look at what the major Puranas say will happen in the future, some of which is already happening. 

(4) How the Universe was Created and Our Purpose In It, a detailed description of the Vedic version of the creation of the material universes and life within.

(5) Toward World Peace: Seeing the Unity Between Us All, a much needed spiritual message for the present times. This is so important that I have added an ebook edition to this website for free reading and distribution.

(6) Facing Death: Welcoming the Afterlife, provides a look at the way death helps us reach our destiny, that it is not a tragedy, and how to view it and use it spiritually to relieve us of the fear of it. 

(7) Proof of Vedic Culture’s Global Existence, said by many to be a must read, offering a view of world history and the importance of the Vedic influence that most books leave out. 

(8) The Key to Real Happiness, offers the means to attain one of the prime goals of life, genuine happiness. Available in paperback book form or read it here online. 


        These new paperback books are published and available through iUniverse.com. These can be ordered through stores or online at www.iuniverse.com/bookstore, and as adobe e-books that can be downloaded onto your computer wherever you are located. European book orders will be shipped out of England. They are also available through www.Amazon.com and www.BarnesandNoble.com.  

        International orders can also call: 00-1-402-323-7800.

        FOR BOOKSTORES: Orders from bookstores or catalogs for discounted prices can also be placed through iUniverse by calling 1-402-323-7800 extension 501, or by emailing: book.orders@iuniverse.com. These are also available through Baker & Taylor Book Distributors and Ingram Distributors. 

More information and direct links to the book selling resources are available by clicking on the book titles below.

(9) Destined for Infinity, is a highly spiritual adventure in which a Westerner embarks on a mystical quest into the Himalayas and is transported into a new and enlightening spiritual dimension. It relates a man’s quest for Truth and shows his journey from a state of confusion to one of the highest levels of enlightenment and self-empowerment. It is a book that will take you to other worlds and unlimited realms.

(10) Reincarnation and Karma: How They Really Affect Us. This is a short but easy-to-understand and thorough guide in comprehending this complex but basic level of spiritual understanding. For all who wish to learn how their actions affect their future and to determine their own eternal destiny.

(11) The Heart of Hinduism: The Eastern Path to Freedom, Empowerment and Illumination. This is a definitive and easy to understand guide to the essential as well as devotional heart of the Vedic/Hindu philosophy. This is a complete course in all of its philosophy and meanings that allows you to see and easily put into practice the depths of its wisdom and insights that are contained within this profound spiritual knowledge.

(12) Vedic Culture: The Difference It Can Make In Your Life. This new book shows the advantages of the Vedic paths of improvement and self-discovery that you can use in your own life to attain personal spiritual awareness, happiness, and fulfillment. It also provides a new view of what these avenues have to offer from some of the most prominent writers on Vedic culture in the West, who discovered how it has affected and benefited their own lives.

(13) The Power of the Dharma: An Introduction to Hinduism and Vedic Culture. This offers a concise and easy-to-understand overview of the essential principles and customs of the Hindu tradition. It also provides many insights into the depth and value of the timeless wisdom of Vedic spirituality and reveals why the Dharmic path has survived for thousands of years.

(14) The Eleventh Commandment: The Next Step for Social Spiritual Development. Based on the Universal Spiritual Truths, or the deeper levels of spiritual understanding, this book presents a new code in a completely nonsectarian way to bring humanity to a higher level of spiritual consciousness that can impact all aspects of our life. 

(15) Seeing Spiritual India: A Guide to Temples, Holy Sites, Festivals and Traditions. This is especially for the pilgrim traveler who wants to get the most out of his or her spiritual adventure and experience in India. Contains information on hundreds of holy sites and towns, and many more temples. Describes how to get there, what you will find, and the places to see and the traditions, stories, and meanings connected with them, along with the benefits of visiting them. 

(16) Crimes Against India and the Need to Protect its Ancient Vedic Traditions. 1000 Years of Attacks Against Hinduism and What to do About it. This book explains the real history of India, and the many invasions and atrocities against it, its people and its culture that have been, and continue to be committed by many invading forces. Also contains action plans and ideas on carrying out ways to promote the profound and dynamic nature of real Vedic culture and how to protect and preserve it if we are going to provide a future for it through the generations to come.

        AVAILABILITY OF BOOKS: All the above books are available and can be ordered from us by mail (check the downloadable Order Form), or from Amazon.com, or through your local bookstores if they use the international “Books In Print” database rather than their inhouse database. Bookstores can order copies through New Leaf Distributing Company at 1-800-326-2665 (401 Thornton Road, Lithia Springs, GA 30122–1557) and Baker & Taylor at 908-722-8000. 

        BOOKS PUBLISHED IN INDIA so far include “The Secret Teachings of the Vedas”, “Vedic Culture: The Difference It Can Make in Your Life”, “Destined for Infinity”, along with “The Power of the Dharma” and “The Heart of Hinduism”. Click on the book titles above for full details. SEVERAL OTHER BOOKS are also sold in India on the online Indian bookstore of www.firstandsecond.com. These include The Secret Teachings of the Vedas, Destined for Infinity, The Heart of Hinduism, The Power of the Dharma, Vedic Culture: The Difference it can Make in Your Life, and Reincarnation and Karma: How They Really Affect Us. Just go to that site and do an author search for Stephen Knapp, and my books will come up.

Or just click on: http://www.firstandsecond.com/store/books/info/search.asp?ied=0&sob=&styp=ath&ath=Stephen%20Knapp&cp=1.


Available at www.stephen-knapp.com.

        These free e-booklets are meant not only for reading here online, but you can also download and read them on your own computer, or share them and email them to others, as is the case with most of the articles on this site. This way we can spread free spiritual knowledge throughout the internet, especially to those who may need a better understanding of Vedic culture. All of these are now available as Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf files and can be emailed to you upon your request so you can format them to your own preferences to be printed and distributed to others as you wish.  

(17) Why Be a Hindu: The Advantages of the Vedic Path,  a free and simple “e-book” for easy reading on the web or distribution through email for providing and promoting a better understanding of the Vedic process. This points out 28 simple yet thought-provoking distinctions that are worth considering, and from which anyone can benefit. Click on the title for immediate access. (23 pages)

(18) Vedic Culture / Hinduism: A Short Introduction, this shows that Vedic philosophy is not as complex as some people think. It briefly explains the major points of Vedic philosophy and Hinduism, how it started, what are the basic beliefs and goals that we are all looking for, what are the Vedic texts, the main spiritual concepts and processes, and some of the traits and characteristics of the practice and meanings of them. (30  pages)

(19) Basic points About Vedic Culture / Hinduism, A Short Introduction Part 2. This booklet goes a little deeper than the previous booklet, and is designed to give succinct and easy answers to a wide assortment of common questions about the Vedic philosophy, tradition, customs, symbols, Dharma, worship, etc. This is to help show that everything in the Vedic tradition has a purpose and a logical explanation, if we only know what it is. It is time to again awaken to the reasons for the traditions that have been followed for thousands of years, and this booklet will help to do that. (40 pages)

(20) Thirty-one Days to Salvation on the Vedic Path. This “e-booklet” takes 108 essential verses from the Bhagavad-gita and clearly shows how easy and simple this path can be. By taking one lesson a day and adding the recommended principles and characteristics to your life, by the end of 31 days you will have most everything you need to reach salvation, moksha, which means liberation from material existence This booklet is meant for free distribution for the advancement of Sanatana-dharma, the eternal and universal spiritual path meant for everyone. (28 pages)

(21) Meditation: A Short Course to Higher Consciousness. This 38-page “e-book” provides an essential description of the process of meditation, from its basic purpose to the preparations and techniques, asanas, pranayama exercises, the use of mantras, the meaning of OM and the Mahamantra, and the means for enlightenment and ultimate liberation. It also gives information about which processes are most recommended, and gives the average person a quick understanding on how to begin and what to expect, and how to get the most out of it.

(22) Yoga and How To Get Started.  This ebook explains what is yoga and its benefits. It then explains how to start a yoga program, and provides instructions for eighteen asanas that you can do to begin a routine. It also describes the systems of karma-yoga, jnana-yoga, raja-yoga, bhakti-yoga, kundalini-yoga and others and how they work so you can persue the path best for you for additional spiritual benefits. Used with the “Meditation” ebook for a practical guide on yoga and meditation.  (30 Pages)

(23) A Complete Review of the Vedic Literature, is an “e-book” that gives a thorough analysis of the Vedic texts and the wide variety of knowledge within them. This covers the four Vedas, the Upanishads, the Itihasas, and up to the Puranas and many other Vedic texts in between that are not often discussed. This shows how they were developed, how they all fit together, and the various spiritual paths contained in the Vedic knowledge and how they lead toward the one path most recommended for this age of Kali-yuga. (40 pages)

(24) Sri Krishna is a 28 page “ebooklet” that explains the nature of Lord Krishna, who He is, some of His activities, His beauty, and some of the nature of the spiritual world, which is our real home. This article is extensively referenced from Vedic texts and is essential for any readers new to this topic of Vedic spiritual science. Several rare paintings of Krishna are also included.

(25) Shiva and Durga: Their Real Identity. This 28 page “e-booklet” explains who Shiva and Durga are, the meaning of their symbols, how Krishna devotees are dear to Shiva and Shiva is dear to them, Lord Shiva’s position and purpose, what is Shaivism, the Shivaratri festival, the Shaktas and Tantrism, the Tantras, how Shiva and Durga are considered the Mother and Father of the universe, how Lord Shiva appeared in the world, how he assists in the universal destruction, the Shiva-lingam, and Lord Shiva’s ultimate spiritual advice.

(26) Manifestation of Souls and Where They Go. This 21-page “e-booklet” provides the details of how the individual souls are manifested from God, how they evolve through the material existence, and how they can be liberated from it by reaching the ultimate destination. This shows how we are all the same and all related because we all have the same beginning. 

(27) Death of the Aryan Invasion Theory. This booklet discusses and presents evidence of the real origins of the Aryans and Vedic civilization, and why the theory of an invasion of Aryans, a so-called tribe of Caucasian people from the north, was developed to denigrate the real culture of India. It establishes how there never was an Aryan invasion, how the Vedic texts present no evidence of such happening, how the Vedic Aryans were indigenous to India, and how the Vedic influence spread from India throughout the world. (23 pages)



1. Stephen Knapp - August 12, 2010

It has not been published yet. But I’m definitely thinking about it.

2. Stephen Knapp - February 7, 2011

That will be coming out soon on Amazon.com.

3. Stephen Knapp - February 7, 2011

That will be available next week through amazon.com.

4. abhi saran - September 28, 2012

Hats off to Sir Stephen Knapp……wonderful work……

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